Made Possible

We are in the business of managing risk. We understand risk, and in an increasingly volatile world, we believe our ability to manage risk makes it possible for things to happen.

Our ability to satisfy our customers' risk management needs is at the heart of what we do. We will do all we can to find a way to say 'yes' and turn your business opportunities and possibilities into reality.

Our aim is to make your vision a reality.

Delivering protection to our marine customers


 QBE’s expertise in Marine is reflected in an extensive product portfolio across such areas as cargo, ports and terminals, hull and war as well as marine liability. 

This ensures that our tailored, comprehensive cover, alongside our excellent claims capabilities, helps a wide variety of customers manage their risks – from transportation to business interruption to pollution. 

Our London based subsidiary, British Marine, also delivers protection to many thousands of small to medium merchant ships, yachts and fishing vessels across the world. In addition, our commitment to partnering closely with all our marine customers and truly understanding their business environment ensures the risk solutions we provide are customised to their needs.

Expertise and service capabilities

QBE’s deep expertise and industry experience meets the specialised and unique risk management needs of Aviation policyholders and Aviation trading partners.

Our customers, such as Wisconsin Aviation, whose aircraft, aviation school and hangar we insure, cite both QBE’s expertise and integrated products and service capabilities as the reasons why QBE is their insurer of choice. From underwriters, to loss control and claims teams, we focus on understanding their business from a 360 degree perspective, delivering proactive solutions to potential risks.

By placing our customers at the centre of our thinking, we ensure we meet their expectations in a highly integrated fashion. In addition, our own people are the most critical part of our service offering to all our customers and this has allowed us to leverage a specialist-to-specialist underwriting model in Aviation. As a result, QBE has risen to become a market leader, delivering future-ready products & safety services that are contemporary, creative and relevant to policyholders and producer partners

Tailored solutions for SMEs

With over 200,000 Australian businesses insured with QBE, we understand that every business that partners with us faces its own unique set of risks.

We also understand that every business owner that partners with QBE wants to protect their people, property and reputation.

With deep, cross-category expertise and products ranging from Business Liability to Commercial Packages and Property, QBE provides SMEs across Australia and New Zealand with tailored solutions, focused on getting them back in business when it matters most, to work on the job at hand, with real confidence.