Carrot kings

Elders Insurance and QBE proudly stand behind an experienced family of farmers, helping to keep one of Australia’s favourite vegetables on plates around the country.

Meet the Lamattinas. After immigrating from Italy to Australia, father Rocky discovered a love for farming in his early teens. By 1991 he realised an opportunity to start his own family business with sons Angelo, Phil and John. To make the ambition a reality, they made the move to the regional north west Victorian town of Wemen.

Rocky Lamattina & Sons has been growing, processing and distributing carrots for more than two generations, and is an icon in fresh produce markets around Australia. The wholly Australian-owned and operated company processes up to 600 tonnes of carrots per week and services the country’s largest supermarkets with produce harvested, packed, cooled and transported direct from the farm.

As an agent of QBE Australia, Elders Insurance is community based, enabling special insight into the needs of regional and rural customers. Local Elders agent Simon has been partnering with the Lamattinas for 14 years and developed a deep understanding of their farm and insurance needs. We provide cover for everything from their aircraft, corporate travel, voluntary workers and impressive fleet of road trains, to the farm and business itself. This includes an advanced production facility with the latest sorting and packing technology from around the world, which needs to be seen to be believed.

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