How small business counts on brokers


As the owner of children’s retailer Royal Bubs n Tots, Larrissa Kek is a fashion expert. But she’s the first to admit she needs expert advice when it comes to getting the right insurance for her small business.

That’s where her broker comes in.

“I’m fantastic when it comes to all the things in the shop,” Kek says of her shop in central western New South Wales. “But with insurance, that’s when a broker really helped me and guided me to what I really needed for my business.

“Having a broker to help me get the right insurance makes it so much easier because when I go home at night time I know that my shop and contents is nice and safe. If there was something to go wrong, I’ve got it all covered.”

Kek started her business with a market stall, then moved into a small shop, before relocating to her large shop and showroom about four years ago, from which she also runs a successful online business.

Her local broker has been with her every step of the way – advising on the insurance cover she needed as her business grew and developed. Her broker has also been there to adapt her insurance covers as Kek’s experiences and views about risks changed following a fire in the café next door to her current shop.

“When we first moved into the shop, the café next door burnt down and they were closed down for about eight months so there was no income coming in, but obviously they still had bills. It was a big wake up call,” Kek says.

As a result, Kek spoke to her broker and made sure they had added business interruption cover into her policy.

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