CAT 747: Claims processes, procedures and contacts

Issue Action 
Claims contact 

To enable prioritisation as quickly as possible, please lodge motor and property claims immediately via:

  • ClaimWrite on; or
  • Call 1800 023 387 (lines open 24/7)
  • Using CAT Code 747 (which covers all bushfire claims across Australia with a date of loss starting from 24 August 2019 to 21 February 2020)

Please send all claims correspondence, including new claims to and include the words “CAT Code 747” and “BUSHFIRE” in the subject line.

Claim forms are NOT required. However, if a claim is not lodged through ClaimWrite, please send an email to with the following details:

  • Policy number
  • Customer’s name
  • Customer’s address 
  • Customer’s best contact number
  • Property or vehicle information
  • Short damage description

Please utilise your full STP limits where applicable to ensure the quickest possible settlement for policyholders.

Contact your Claims Relationship Manager for any additional advice and support needed following claims lodgement.


Motor Claims

 Issue  Action 

We have dedicated motor assessors ready to assist and adjust claims as soon as affected areas are declared safe to access.

For all motor claims requiring assessment choose the Internal Motor Assessor option. Our adjusting and assessing staff will be in contact within one business day of appointment where required.

 Motor vehicle glass

Safety is the main priority – please dissuade anyone from driving a vehicle to or from an area that may not be safe. Encourage your customers to follow the instructions given by Emergency Service officers. Windscreen and motor glass claims can be lodged directly by you or your customers with:

Phone: 1800 068 985 (lines open 24/7) 


Property Claims

 Issue Action 

We have dedicated property assessors ready to assist and adjust claims as soon as affected areas are declared safe to access.

If the property is habitable, please select the Internal Loss Adjuster option when lodging a claim in ClaimWrite for priority allocation.

If the customer’s property is uninhabitable, please immediately appoint QBE’s nominated External Loss Adjuster firm:

Phone: 1800 811 285 (lines open 24/7)

Our adjusting and assessing staff will be in contact within one business day of appointment where required. 

Emergency assistance payments 

Immediate assistance can be provided to customers by electronic funds transfer (EFT) based on the relevant policy coverage and loss type.

To request emergency assistance payments, please contact the QBE claims team.

Temporary accommodation 

QBE can assist in arranging and approving emergency temporary accommodation through its claims team or loss adjuster team. 

 Total loss

Should the property be assessed as a total loss, QBE will collaborate with you and your customer in choosing the best option for the settlement of the claim. 

Generally, most policies offer three options:

  • cash settlement
  • reinstatement, or 
  • a combination of the two. 
 Domestic and commercial glass

For any home or commercial property glass claims, you or your clients can contact Express Glass or O'Brien directly and will only need to provide a QBE policy number to initiate a claim.

When speaking to customers it may be prudent to ensure their policy is active and advise any applicable excess will need to be paid directly to Express or O'Brien during repairs. Express and O'Brien can be selected from the drop-down menu when lodging in ClaimWrite:

Express Glass
Phone: 1300 666 234 (lines open 24/7)

Phone: 1800 018 886 (lines open 24/7) 

 QBE panel builders and make-safe repairs We have builders around the country ready to assist who have authority for make-safe repairs in order to expedite the protection of the property. Please contact our claims team or the appointed adjuster to discuss which builder to utilise. 
Restoration assistance 
Our restoration partners are ready to provide emergency works, minimising the effects of any damage to your customer’s property. Please contact our claims team or the appointed adjuster to discuss which restorer to utilise.
 Trees down

QBE’s policies generally provide cover to remove trees when they’re impacting buildings or contents, or if we need to remove them to fix damage to the home.

When cover is available, our panel builders/assessors will arrange make-safe or tree lopping services. General debris clean up in yards is normally not insured. 

 Food spoilage

Food spoilage claims can be lodged and managed in ClaimWrite. As customers safely dispose of any spoiled food, they should take photos or keep an inventory and price list and submit that for settlement. 

 Power generators If the property has been cut off from power because of the bushfire and it would be otherwise safe to stay there; purchase or hire of a generator are options we normally accept. Our claims or assessor team can review your request and explain the process to make this happen. 
 Pool damage

If there has been damage to a pool filter, pump or chlorinator, and because of this the surface/lining would have to be physically cleaned, we will generally pay for the cleaning of the pool surfaces and cleaning or replacement of pool water as necessary. If there is no damage to the pool, QBE’s policies will not normally cover cleaning or replacement of pool water.

Refer to QBE if you have any special circumstances related to water replacement, for example if water was used fully or partially for firefighting purposes.


Our adjusters and trade panel have been briefed on this issue to align with the relevant authorities’ management instructions. Safety is of paramount importance when dealing with possible asbestos. All affected customers should follow the directions of emergency services and other government agencies when dealing with this issue.

If there is any doubt as to the presence of disturbed asbestos, customers should be advised to leave the affected area (if possible, restrict access to it by others) and promptly seek the advice of QBE or its representative.