Helping you this renewal season

As renewal season begins, our team is available to help you solve customer challenges and explore cover options, says Lorelle Hillman, QBE National Partnership Manager.

“And for any questions when submitting policies, I encourage you to pick up the phone and chat to the team,” she says. “if you’re having complex risk conversations that rely on your deep customer knowledge, we’re ready to work with you to solve customer needs.”

Preparation and asking questions is key this renewal season

Being prepared and having the right information on hand before engaging us is the ideal plan and will helps deliver an even better service to your customers, says John Schroder, QBE National Partnership Manager.

“We want to help you speed up the renewal process and our Minimum Information Guidelines will help you know what to submit to assist us with assessing the risk,” he says.

Understanding any changes in your customers’ businesses are also vital, especially given the unique past 12 months.

“Unearthing changes customers have chosen, or been forced to make due to the pandemic, is crucial to customer reviews or risk discussions, Schroder says.

“This allows us to identify new coverage needs which act as risk mitigation actions. While you prepare and consult with customers, it's important to ask questions like 'have you made any strategy changes?' or even a question as seemingly as basic as 'what has changed in your business?' is not an obvious question in 2021, regardless of whether you've been working with a business for many years.”

Ongoing professional development opportunities

Our Q Academy sessions have continued to be popular professional and personal development opportunities for many of you.

“We hope that many of our sessions - such as system tips and tricks and personal brand - will be useful over this busy season,” says Hillman.

“New sessions will be available from mid-July with topics on building networks, risk insights and more, but in the meantime there are many you can watch on demand now.”

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