Streamlining our processes to make it easier, simpler and faster

QBE is investing in digital innovations and modernising our partnership approach to make things easier, simpler and faster for you, says Aaron Gavin, QBE Australia Pacific General Manager SME.

Our SME team supports you with Business Packages, Farm, Householders, Private Motor and Commercial Motor.

“I’m really excited about the changes we’re making, which have happened alongside a full review of our policy wordings as we respond to the regulatory change happening this year,” says Gavin.

We’ve used this opportunity to streamline our processes to ensure you’re clear about how QBE is responding to regulatory change. The Unfair Contract Terms legislation went live on 5 April and the changes have given us an opportunity to clearly spell out what the customer can expect of us and what we can expect of them – which is great news for customers, he says.

We’re now looking ahead to upcoming legislative go-live dates, including the General Insurance Code of Practice and Product Design and Distribution Obligations so you can expect to hear more from us about this over the next few months.

Attaching documents when referring BPK quotes

“Listening and responding to what you, our broker partners need, is central to our partnership and servicing approach”, says Gavin.

“We listened to your feedback and recently introduced new capabilities for business transacted through Sunrise and c.change. This means you're now able to process an e-referral for business pack quotes and attach documents.”

We’ve introduced this processing change to help you save time and make running your business easier, he said.

 Quote from a QBE Broker Partner

We’re here to support you through change

With policy wording and regulatory changes and servicing enhancements flowing through the portfolio, Gavin recognises that there have been many changes affecting brokers in the SME space this year.

“The team, and it’s renewed market-centred approach, is ready to support you through these changes so that we can all successfully navigate them together,” he says.

Modernising partnerships

Modernising partnerships starts with understanding that each broker business has its own unique strategy, says Belinda Steedman, QBE’s Head of SME Customer Experience.

With this in mind, QBE has developed the way we service brokers and have now shifted our operating structure to a national footprint aligned to brokers, while continuing to have a strong local footprint, she says.

Our servicing approach is therefore built around a dedicated underwriter for each broker who understands their business, their key strategies and the platform they use.

A new operational structure

Steedman’s team of 65 underwriters and five customer experience leaders provide brokers with a local servicing team with deep specialist knowledge and expertise in their relevant platform, products and policy wordings.

“This means you will have a new underwriting panel and e-business advisor who has a detailed understanding of the platform you use,” Steedman says “These specialists will also have the local and regional knowledge that’s important to your business.

“If your business has a specific strategy and focus, your underwriter will know this and will partner with you by providing further training on the platform to help your business.

“We believe this approach will mean a better market-centred experience for you and more aligned support for your business,” she explains.

Here to support you

The QBE SME team are looking forward to working with you and supporting your business and customers, Steedman says.

For more information or to contact your underwriter or relationship manager, contact the QBE SME team.