People Risk Solutions: putting the people at the centre

QBE’s People Risk team are the experts at finding solutions to protect people, says Jade Greenland, QBE’s Head of Accident and Health. The offering includes the best of what Accident and Health and Workers Compensation offers to protect our most valuable asset: our people.

“What we know is it’s just as important to protect people outside the workplace as it is to protect them within it,” says Greenland.

The team understands that portfolio sustainability is important and they’ve been working hard to improve their underwriting discipline, expertise and to ensure pricing sustainability across their products.

“Our pricing is informed by data and underpinned by deep customer insights, which leads to better conversations and outcomes. We’re always listening to your views about our products and are happy to talk with you about how our Accident and Health products can help customers,” added Greenland.

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Improved Workers Compensation capabilities

QBE’s Accident and Health products have been designed to complement our Workers Compensation offering, which has had an investment in data capabilities.

“These additional data capabilities enable our underwriters to identify customer insights so they can have meaningful conversations with you about our customers and their business,” says Leigh Ebzery, Head of Workers Compensation.

The team uses this data to help understand customer needs and deliver solutions, including helping customers understand areas of performance improvement, growth opportunities, industry segmentation and strategic planning.

“We've continued our work on developing clear focus industries for our risk states. Each state is different and our focus industries have been determined in consultation with industry experts looking at localised emerging industry trends and economic conditions,” added Ebzery.

Workers Compensation focus industries for: ACT,  NTTASWA.

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The common thread between QBE’s Accident and Health and Workers Compensation products

“QBE’s Accident and Health and Workers Compensation offerings put people first to improve outcomes for your people and assist with stronger financial results for your busines,” says Greenland.

QBE’s approach helps remove uncertainty for injured people, employers, broker partners and the community. Our People Risk Team is here to partner with you in delivering service to support customer's businesses, their people and financial outcomes.

“We're proud of how we're continuing our commitment to bringing people risk knowledge to light through Q Academy and our risk insights. Both our teams are looking forward to speaking with you soon,” concluded Ebzery.

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