Reflecting on 2021 with Sue Houghton and Jason Clarke

The past year has presented many opportunities and challenges for us all, says Jason Clarke QBE Chief Customer Officer, Commercial Lines.

"I’m proud of everything we’ve achieved together and looking forward to 2022, I’m feeling hopeful about what the future will bring, including the opportunity to meet in person," he said.

Undoubtedly 2021 brought many changes, including QBE welcoming our new AUSPAC CEO, Sue Houghton.

Houghton has been part of the insurance and finance industry for more than two decades. In addition to her role as QBE AUSPAC CEO, Houghton is currently the President of the Insurance Council of Australia.

"Insurance is a purpose-driven industry and I am passionate about how we help customers recover after loss and disaster," Houghton said.

"I am a huge supporter of brokers and the role you play in managing and mitigating customers’ risk," she added.

Change in the industry

Regulatory change has been a significant factor for the insurance industry this year, says Clarke.

"I understand these changes can be challenging, but I’m pleased that the feedback we’ve received is that we’ve been communicating these new requirements in a way that’s easy to understand."

And to help make it easier for you to do business with QBE, we’re continuing to invest in more system changes.

"I know many of you welcomed the recent implementation of quote referrals and I’m happy to hear it’s improved the process of placing new business. Thanks for working with us as we implement these new processes and requirements and please continue to let us know your feedback," Clarke said.

Additionally, to offer our partners more specific and tailored support, we’ve aligned our team to our partners’ needs.

How we’re continuing to support your development

This year has presented a great opportunity to dial up our support of broker partners with education and professional development opportunities through Q Academy and the Q Risk Insights Hub, initiatives that were developed following your feedback.

"We delivered 40 Q Academy sessions to brokers and also launched the Q Risk Insights Hub which houses industry and product-specific insights directly from our team of experts."

"It’s been a big 2021, thank you for your support and I wish you a wonderful festive season," Clarke said.