Spotlight on SMEs with Aaron Gavin

QBE is focused on helping Australian small and medium (SME) businesses survive and thrive in a post-COVID-19 world, says Aaron Gavin, QBE Australia Pacific’s General Manager of SME.

Gavin and his dedicated team of SME specialists have spent the past few months working closely with QBE’s broker and SME customers to provide support through this period of rapid change and uncertainty.

“We know that every business’ experience has been different and will be different depending on who they are, where they are, and the industry they're operating in.

QBE are here, Gavin says, to support brokers and SME customers through the next phase.

Continued support for SMEs

“Understanding how small businesses are feeling and what they need has been our focus,” says Gavin.

“We know the situation is different for everyone. Some businesses are still operating under extremely tough circumstances, some are picking up and others haven’t slowed down at all.

“That’s why ensuring we continue to provide insurance solutions that are relevant remains the priority for us.”

QBE has extended many of its SME relief measures for customers who need ongoing support, says Gavin.

“We continue to offer a range of support services to those clients whose businesses have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 lockdowns. Many of the measures introduced in April will be extended to the end of the year.”

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Protecting SMEs and helping them grow in the new world

At QBE we’re all about helping SMEs protect and grow their business, says Gavin.

“A huge part of that is providing insights and tools that help mitigate risk, prevent claims, and support businesses.”

QBE’s property triage tool, is a great example, says Gavin.

“The data and analytics-based triage tool helps us automate, personalise and fast track claims. It ultimately means businesses which make a property claim are back on their feet sooner.”

“We’ve also produced a number of risk mitigation and management resources for partners and customers,” says Gavin.

“This month we've produced a resource around how to use thermographic scans  when it comes to electrical equipment.”

“Another powerful example is our leadership webinar series which focuses on issues like mental health and mindset. It’s also helping businesses understand their duty of care towards their employees and customers.”

Growing our digital capability together

Being easy to do business with remains top of the agenda and our modernised partner proposition program is one of the latest examples of how QBE is growing digital capability alongside our partners, says Gavin.

“Our modernised partner proposition program is about enhancing our systems to better connect with the systems many of you are using to deliver a better experience for customers.”

Together, we’re delivering better experiences for our SME customers, says Gavin.


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