The benefits of capturing your customers’ ABNs

Why are ABNs important? 

Knowing a customer’s ABN can give us valuable insight into that customer and helps us achieve a whole customer view. These factors can help us improve your customer’s experience by contributing to tangible benefits like more efficient decisions and a smoother claims process. 

Should you have your customers’ ABNs?

The short answer is yes! If you don’t already have your customers’ ABN, the first step is to ask them for it. Our research shows that customers generally are not hesitant to provide this, especially when you can explain that it contributes to an improved experience. 

How to get all your existing customers ABNs updated in one easy step

To ensue we are up to date, you can now bulk email all your customers’ ABNs to us at once, we will upload them.

File type: We can process most file types, including Excel, Text and CSV, but please do NOT supply in a PDF file.  For ease, you can use this excel file

Critical information we need:

  1. Policy branch
  2. Policy number
  3. Policy type
  4. Primary ABN

If there are any additional ABNs, you can send those through as well. 

What about long term? How to supply ABNs without adding new processes

You can easily supply us your customers’ ABNs during your everyday interactions with us – be that when using our electronic platform, c.change, or when on the phone with us… or any other time. No time is a bad time!

If you regularly use c.change, you’ll find it the most seamless method. Whenever you are processing new business or renewals, simply complete the ABN field, which you’ll find on the ‘Customer’ tab (as seen below).