Transacting Business Pack for SME is now easier

From Saturday 23 February, serving SME businesses will be easier with our new c.change design and enhanced features. We understand that making it easy to do business with us and receiving fast responses is important to you - so you can focus on your clients. To improve your experience when transacting Business Pack, we’ve developed a new look and feel along with functional enhancements to save you time. 

What’s new?

From 23 February, you will start experiencing the following enhancements to c.change:

  1. New look
    A fresh look and feel for Business Pack on c.change.

  2. Year-round endorsements
    From March, you’ll be able to amend Business Pack policies up until one week prior to renewal date. This means you can process endorsements to Business Pack policies during the renewal cycle via c.change, without having to call us. Simply click on the ‘Edit Options’ drop-down list and select ‘Endorse Policy’ to receive the endorsement schedule straight away and renewal documents early the following week. 

  3. Less referrals
    We’re introducing some additional risk questions on some of our top occupations in order to reduce the number of referrals generated. This should help speed up your quote journey and understand if a certain risk is one for us, then and there.  

If you are a direct c.change user you will see these changes. If you connect to us via a broking package, chat to your BRM to understand which enhancements your package supports. Watch this video to view the changes, or download a quick guide.


We hope you enjoy our new c.change look and feel, please send us your feedback via so we can continue to improve your experience with QBE. 

For more information, please contact your Business Relationship Manager.