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What’s new in pricing?

As QBE continues to innovate and enhance our capabilities, we have made significant investment in people, data and systems to make our pricing more reflective of the underlying risk by taking into account our customers’ individual circumstances. We are pleased to announce the upcoming changes impacting Business Pack.

Update on sale of QBE Leisure Travel portfolio to nib

We are getting closer to the completion date of the sale of our Leisure Travel business to nib. Find out what this means for you and get more detail about claims service, the policy, platform and contacts.

A new c.change design for Business Pack goes live on 23 February

Serving SME businesses is now easier with our new c.change design and enhanced features. To improve your experience when quoting QBE’s Business Pack, we’re implementing three changes.

Dealing with December’s $674 million hail storm

Find out the latest facts and figures about the impact of Sydney's hail storm, and how our claims teams are quickly helping customers recover from their losses.  

QBE launches new Corporate Travel Policy

We are excited to announce the launch of an enhanced version of our Corporate Travel policy, which provides greater protection, simpler definitions and new adjustments to cover related to existing medical conditions.

Changes to the NSW Emergency Services Levy

The levy on commercial and residential property and motor vehicles has been reduced. We will be progressively implementing this rate change effective for new business and renewals on and from 1 March 2019. 


How do you handle client objections?

Keen to hear the view on this topic from the 2018 NIBA Broker of the Year? We sat down with Kim Gilbert recently and asked him how he handles client objections.