A builder needs to be flexible to meet the demands of their clients. That’s why their insurance cover needs to be flexible too.

Available for construction jobs of all sizes, QBE Contract Works insurance helps ensure your clients are comprehensively covered before, during and after completion.

Keep moving, stay covered

We automatically include market-leading features such as cover for display homes, speculative homes and cover for up to 30 days after completion. Your client can also top up your cover with annual cover for existing buildings and vacant land.

This flexibility means they’re free to keep projects moving, or commence new ones, whilst knowing they are covered at every stage.

Cover on-site and off

Our cover helps ensure that key elements such as project materials and contractor tools are covered, not just on-site but between sites. Your clients are even covered while at home or tendering for other projects.

Experts on your team

The QBE construction team is made up of highly experienced industry professionals, plus in-house civil, mechanical and structural engineers. Our team works with you to understand your clients most complex projects, help solve their post-loss issues and restore their business as quickly as possible.

Summary of cover

Contract Works


These benefits and extensions have been designed to protect established buildings and projects approaching completion which suffer a delay:

  • An automatic cover for Display Homes limited to $500,000 any one building and $1.5mil in the aggregate
  • Cover for speculative homes awaiting sale for a period of 90 days following completion. Cover to the full contract value
  • 30 days cover included to the full limit following practical completion (this ensures time to arrange alternate building insurance)
  • Optional extension: Annual cover for Existing Building(s) with a limit of up to $500,000 anyone building and $1.5mil in the aggregate
  • Optional extension: Annual cover for Vacant Land awaiting development for a period of 12 months from the date of possession.

Contract Works

Contractor tools

These benefits apply to a contractor’s tools with a broad definition of tools:

  • Annual cover includes loss by theft anywhere in the Geographical limits i.e. Australia (this means cover is included if the tools are stolen from a locked vehicle or offsite storage shed)
  • Automatic Limit of $10,000 for Minor Plant including contractor’s tools.

Contract Works

Additional items

These items do not require a loss on a contract site and can trigger of their own accord:

  • Materials in transit covered to the full contract value
  • Materials in storage covered to the full contract value
  • Contract value increase of 15%.

Contract Works

Additional benefits

These benefits are triggered following a loss to the contract works:

  • Access costs to allow the builder entry to a damage site limited to $25,000 any one loss
  • Search and Locate costs to assist in repairing blocked pipes, drains or gutters limited to $50,000 any one loss
  • Standard market inclusions for Removal of Debris, Professional Fees and Expediting Expenses to 10% of the contract value
  • Mitigation expenses included to 5% of the contract value.

Contract Works

Defective works

Cover extension for resultant damage from faulty workmanship, materials or plans:

  • Our wording ensures the resultant damage for any faulty materials, workmanship or plans is covered.

Contract Works

Insured parties

A broad scope of cover for insured parties with a waiver of subrogation rights including:

  • Named insured
  • Principals
  • Subcontractors
  • On site professionals.

This information is general in nature and cannot be relied upon as insurance advice. For more information please refer to the policy wording or contact your QBE representative.

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