Surety Bonds insurance

Allows your client to meet their contractual or commercial obligations without tying up their assets.

Providing security can put a strain on your client’s finances and lines of credit. Our surety products provide a fast, cost-effective alternative to bank guarantees or cash deposits.  

We offer a range of Contract Bonds, covering contractors’ obligations in areas such as performance and maintenance. We also provide Commercial Bonds to help your clients purchase property or access assets left to them in a deceased estate.

Our expert Surety team is on-hand to tailor a solution for your client’s needs. Contact us for a quote.

Product cover

Contract Bonds

  • Bid Bonds ensure your client will enter into a contract if their bid is accepted. Also guarantees a performance bond will be supplied
  • Performance Bonds protect your client’s customers in cases of default or non-performancee
  • Advance Payment Bonds protect customers advancing funds to your client to pre-purchase equipment or for site establishment
  • Retention Release Bonds cover funds transferred to your client from their customer’s retention fund
  • Maintenance Bonds cover your client’s obligations during the warranty period, usually 3-12 months post-completion
  • Off-Site Material Bonds provide security against the non-delivery of goods or materials produced and held off-site by your client (and paid for by their customers).

Commercial Bonds

  • Residential Deposit Bonds allow your client to secure home or investment property without tying up capital or assets
  • Commercial Deposit Bonds allow your client to secure office, industrial or retail property without releasing capital