Ask a broker - How do you handle client objections?

Kim Gilbert – Zenith Insurance Services, Western Australia 2018 – NIBA Broker of the Year Winner

Investing enough time to really understand a client’s business and point of view means you’ll be in a good position to handle objections and difficult conversations with them, says 2018 NIBA Broker of the Year winner Kim Gilbert.

Gilbert, of Zenith Insurance Services in Western Australia, says, as a broker you’re not always going to be able to deliver the answer a client wants to hear.

“What you need to do is provide them with the best possible outcome that you can negotiate on their behalf and hopefully the client will then respect you for what you have done for them,” he says. “This will also lead to the development of a closer working relationship and a long-term partnership, which is mutually rewarding between you as a broker and your clients.”