How do you approach pricing conversations and how do you manage complex risks?

Steven Hill – Capital Innovation Australia – NIBA Broker of the Year Finalist QLD

Pricing conversations with clients can be difficult, but they can be made easier by having them early in the renewal cycle while being open about the pricing environment, says 2018 NIBA Broker of the Year finalist Steven Hill.

“For people who haven’t been through the hard cycle of the insurance world, these conversations could be difficult,” he says. “But the reality is, if you put everything you can in front of your client they will appreciate what you do.”

Joanne Tutton – Gallagher Insurance Broker – NIBA Broker of the Year Finalist SA/NT

Meanwhile, 2018 NIBA Broker of the Year finalist Joanne Tutton says connecting with the correct underwriting expert will make it easier to manage a client’s complex risks.

Tutton, of Gallagher Insurance Brokers in Darwin says the key to successfully negotiating complicated cover is good communication.

“You need to work in a timely fashion, you need to get onto the right expert within QBE to work out what is required for that risk,” she says. “It’s also important to find out the information they will require to provide a quote.”