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Get expert advice, tips and help to lead more effectively, calmly and expertly as the situation with COVID-19 blurs the traditional boundaries between home and work. You will be able to claim ANZIIF points where available, (once you have watched them in full). CPD points for NIBA are not available for recorded webinars.

Safety Culture and Leadership - how to create a culture of care and ownership - carpenters working in a workshop

Safety Culture and Leadership - how to create a culture of care and ownership

10 November 2020
Most organisations in Australia have gone beyond a focus on Safety Management Systems and understand that the development of a positive Safety Culture is crucial in incident prevention. In this webinar we discuss the main characteristics of a good Safety Culture, Safety Leadership as a critical factor for developing Safety Culture as well as what that could look like and which Safety Leadership behaviours are critical.

Interrupting Mindsets - Above and Below the Line Mindset - woman gazing away from her laptop

Interrupting Mmndsets - Above and below the line mindset

27 October 2020
In this webinar, we will look at ‘Mindset’. For many of us, we attempt to influence and impact on actions and results through intervention with behaviour(s). This is, of course, important but how can we achieve a higher level of influence and success? It starts by understanding our own mindset and then flexing it, like a muscle when we exercise.

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Everyday conversations to build a culture of mental health - man on a video call

Everyday conversations to build a culture of mental health

13 October 2020
One in five (20%) Australians experience a mental illness in any year. As such, many employees in Australian organisations will experience a mental health issue. In this webinar we explore how to build a team culture and gain strategies for workforce wellbeing and confident conversations.

Anna Feringa, Workplace Mental Health Expert, author and international speaker.

Creating a Mental Health critical incident protocol in your workplace - tips to get started

15 September
With mental illness on the rise how does a workplace respond to a mental health Critical Incident? Suicidal ideation and panic attacks are critical events that can arise out of mental illness. As leaders how do you respond? As a workplace is our response meeting our duty of care? Watch this webinar to find out how to start a critical incident protocol.

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Anna Feringa, Workplace Mental Health Expert, author and international speaker.
My role as a leader when identifying and managing mental health in the workplace

1 September
As leaders, it is our duty of care to ensure our people are working 100% safe. That means as a leaders there is responsibility to keep staff both physically and mentally. Watch this webinar to understand the role of a leader, how to have healthy boundaries and ways to respond and manage staff with mental health issues.
Group of colleagues standing and discussing an issue in the workplace

How to combat workplace complacency

18 August
Complacency is often misunderstood and associated with attitude and questionable behaviour. It frequently manifests as a judgement of people who seem to ignore risk, don’t take things seriously or are deemed just lazy. Watch this webinar to understand complacency as a human characteristic and look at the impact and risks so you can combat it.


QBE Leadersip webinar series - pivot or perish - young woman writing in notebook sitting at laptop

Pivot or Perish

5 August
The game has changed. Before the Corona virus, the world was playing tennis: fast, fierce and forceful. We’ve now been thrust into playing chess: deliberate, strategic and nuanced. The people and the businesses that not only survive but thrive will be those that learn how to pivot their message, products and services to satisfy the demands of the new game. It’s not an inferior 1 of 2 game, it’s simply a different game. It’s a slower, more tactical game. So you have to play it differently.


QBE Leadersip webinar series - psychology of human behaviour - man working at home on his laptop

The Psychology of Human Behaviour in Times of Rapid Change

21 July
People respond differently to change. Some thrive, some stagnate, some become different people. Understanding what drives human behaviour and how to bring out the best in people is key to long term success in uncertain times. How do you build a remote culture and influence behaviour to optimise human performance?


QBE Leadership webinar series -

Don't waste the corona crisis!

7 July
When was the last time you had time to stop and really think about every aspect of your life and work? There’s no denying that the whole world is going through tough times on many different levels. However: Every crisis brings with it opportunity. This webinar explores how you can clarify your personal and professional values in a new way to create your success story.

QBE Leadership webinar series -

Who Moved My Team? How to Engage Team through the Maze of Change

23 June
Wondering what happened to your team in the middle of the change with COVID-19? Using the bestselling ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ narrative by Dr Spencer Johnson’s, we’ll help you understand why your team may be reacting the way they are to change, where to meet them in the maze of change, and how to engage and lead them through it.

QBE Leadership webinar series

Fitness and Wellbeing - how to get and stay motivated through change and ‘busy’

16 June
Our health is under threat as we react to the pandemic measures that are in place. Using the model behind maintaining the health of Victorian prisoners during lockdown after the implementation of the state-wide smoke free strategy, you will discover all the reasons you need to keep healthy during lockdown and the fun and innovative ways to achieve it!

QBE Leadership webinar series -- mental health

COVID-19 Managing team mental health during a crisis

9 June 2020
Signs and symptoms of poor mental health. Operational approach to ‘calm’. Capacity considerations when staff are stressed. Maintaining a calm safe and connected culture.


QBE Leadership webinar series - chane communication playbook

The Change Communication Playbook: How to Rapidly Create Meaningful Communication in Times of Change

2 June 2020
How do you know what your team and stakeholders are experiencing, what they need to hear (not what you want to say)? This is a challenge at the best of times but even more so now whilst dealing with the COVID-19 situation. What difference could that make to you and to those you communicate with? Find out more in this webinar.


QBE Leadership webinar series - emotional resilience -

Emotional resilience – How to cultivate calm inside of chaos

26 May 2020
Listen to Liz Peard, mental health and wellbeing expert from the Jonah Group as she talks to elite sportswoman Lauren Parker about emotional resilience in times of high stress.
Liz and Lauren talk about how emotions can blind us, leave us feeling out of control, or exercising too much control.


QBE Leasdership webinar series - emotional engage with remote teams

How to emotionally engage through storytelling with remote teams

19 May 2020
Leading effectively means people are willing to follow you. For that to happen, people need to have an emotional connection to where you’re headed. The most effective way to cultivate strong feelings about your mission and vision is through storytelling. This webinar explores the structure of heartfelt stories and the practical steps you can use to incorporate them into your leadership style.


QBE Leadsership webinar series - human error and safety

Human error and safety

12 May 2020
COVID-19 means change to process, people, parameters and procedures and this could mean increased risk of error and incidents in the workplace. What does this mean for safety in the workplace? What are our safety risks, controls and how do we manage change processes? What policies and processes should we have?


QBE Leadersip webinar series - boosting leadership - man sitting on sofa

COVID-19 and boosting leadership through self-care

5 May 2020
We all want a greater sense of balance in our lives, now more than ever. What leaders commit to and prioritise in their self-care can positively impact on their well-being, restore efficiency and boost quality of life.


QBE Leadership webinar series: Conscious leadership - woman on phone

Conscious leadership: how different personality types respond to crisis

28 April 2020
Leading effectively starts with self awareness. Are you aware of what your innate personality preferences are? How are you likely to respond to stress? This webinar explores how different personality types are most likely to respond to stress based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Personality Profiling tool.

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QBE Leadership webinar series -

COVID-19: mental health and leading teams remotely

21 April 2020
How can I care for a team I can’t see, let alone lead them? COVID-19 removed many of the ways we as business leaders led and cared for our teams. We now have fewer opportunities for in-person discussions which could affect our team connection and productivity. Listen to tips on how you can look out for your team’s needs.


QBE Leadership webinar series -

COVID-19 Working from home – Set up for success

14 April 2020
What are the risks of working from home? Do people have what they need to work effectively, including equipment, access to systems, budgets and access to decision makers? What are the risks and role of a leader?


QBE Leadership webinar series -- mental health

COVID-19 Managing team mental health during a crisis

7 April 2020
Signs and symptoms of poor mental health. Operational approach to ‘calm’. Capacity considerations when staff are stressed. Maintaining a calm safe and connected culture.