Graduate streams

When you apply for the QBE graduate program, you’ll be asked to select a program stream taking into consideration the discipline that you’ve studied. You will then have the opportunity to rotate through the other streams ensuring exposure to core activities. Our aim is to build our future focus underwriters, customer facing roles, data and analytics specialists and transformation leaders.






  • Data and analytics
  • Technology
  • Strategy
  • Business optimisation
  • Transformation
  • Claims
  • Personal Lines
  • Commercial Lines
  • Risk
  • Underwriting
  • Finance


Computer Science
Data Science


Art & Design
Computer Science


Data Science


Data Science

Discipline – Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Data Science

Our Data & Analytics team drive decision making at QBE by applying advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to derive insights from data.

Our vision is to help QBE become a data and analytics driven organisation, where decisions are made on the basis of facts, and data is at everyone’s fingertips. We solve insurance problems through machine learning algorithms and engineer ideas to drive better customer experience. It is technology that will champion digitisation across the business ensuring robust and effective IT systems are in place to support the business in achieving its priorities.


Data & Analytics - typical roles:

  • Data scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Data specialist
  • Measurement and insights lead
  • Measurement and insights analyst

Technology - typical roles:

  • Solutions analyst
  • IT business analyst
  • Senior business analyst
  • Senior solutions designer
  • Solution architect
  • Scrum master

Discipline – Art and Design, Commerce, Engineering, Economics, Computer Science

At QBE, we believe change is constant and necessary for us to adapt, evolve and innovate. This stream drives change projects and improvement strategies that support our business units in achieving their goals; with the customer being at the forefront of every decision. By embedding the voice of the customer it ensures that these insights are used to drive change for continuous improvement.

Transformation - typical roles:

  • Program director
  • Project manager
  • PMO coordinator
  • Business improvement manager
  • Change analyst
  • Change manager

Strategy - typical roles:

  • Strategy manager
  • Customer insights and advocacy specialist
  • Customer relations specialist
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Dispute resolution specialist

Business Optimisation - typical roles:

  • Business analyst
  • Business improvement manager

Discipline - Business, Commerce, Data Science, Economics

Our 2021 strategic ambition is to become number one in Commercial Lines, innovate in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and build strength in Personal Lines. Claims is where our promise to these customers comes to life – it’s the moment of truth for us. By providing empathetic, efficient and consistent service, we can deliver world-class outcomes for our customers, partners and community.

A claims role offers progression opportunities for those seeking to become people leaders or technical experts. QBE offers excellent career pathways for both options and also encourages Claims employees to develop solid business acumen, sound strategic thinking and negotiation skills through a range of on-the-job and training initiatives. With a variety of products in the QBE portfolio, a claims career allows you to gain experience working with many different customer groups.

Claims - typical roles:

  • Case manager
  • Claims officer
  • Claims manager
  • Service manager
  • Injury management advisor
  • Portfolio manager (Workers Compensation)
  • Return to work specialist
  • Technical manager

Personal Lines - typical roles:

  • Business intelligence manager
  • Instructional design business partner
  • Business analyst
  • Technical manager
  • Underwriting specialist
  • Sales consultant
  • Training manager
  • Partnership manager

Commercial Lines - typical roles:

  • National service manager
  • Business relationship manager
  • Aviation industry advisor
  • Senior underwriter
  • Business analyst
  • Product specialist
  • Operational risk and governance manager

Discipline - Business, Commerce, Data Science, Economics, Finance, Mathematics

Risk, Compliance & Advocacy is a multidisciplinary team responsible for overseeing risk, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and the maintenance of an effective governance framework. We also cover customer relations, government relations and industry affairs, capital management, fraud and security. Our team gets an end-to-end view of all parts of the business, while our subject matter experts have a wide range of expertise across a number of disciplines.

Product and underwriting play a vital role in the development of QBE products and their ongoing profitability. Job functions in this area include evaluating risks with regard to customers, determining coverage levels and deciding how much customers should pay for their cover.

A product and underwriting career will see you working with one of the most experienced teams in the country. You'll have access to great opportunities for career development, accreditation and progression, and work collaboratively within your business unit and with sales and relationship management colleagues during many negotiations. The culture within the teams is focused on performance, teamwork and goals, but at the same time being supportive and taking time to enjoy our work is key.

Our Finance team are proud to deliver financial services, including financial analysis, strategy and advice and financial control through business partnering, business intelligence and benchmarking. We partner with the business to report on the key financial metrics that drive our performance and forecast our financial outlook. Our financial control team ensures QBE have adequate financial controls in place to ensure accurate reporting of financials to all external stakeholders.


Risk - typical roles:

  • Risk manager
  • Risk analyst
  • Capital modeller
  • Fraud investigator
  • Financial crime and intelligence analyst
  • Dispute resolution specialist
  • Compliance manager
  • Policy advisor

Underwriting - typical roles:

  • Reinsurance analyst
  • Portfolio manager
  • Technical writer
  • Underwriting operations specialist
  • National product manager
  • Risk engineer
  • Program manager
  • Product manager

Finance - typical roles:

  • Finance business partner
  • Management accountant
  • Financial accountant
  • Performance reporting specialist
  • Business performance specialist


What is the academic results requirement?

To be eligible for the Graduate Program you need a Grade Point Average (GPA) or a credit average (65) or higher.

What level of education is required?

A bachelor degree or a postgraduate degree consisting of three years study as a minimum is needed prior to the commencement of the program.

What will I need to apply?

Your resume, a covering letter, proof of citizenship or residency, as well as a copy of your academic transcript.

What is the application process?

To apply, you’ll need to complete an online application form (coming soon once applications are open). If you’re successful we’ll ask you to complete some online assessments followed by a video interview. You may then be asked to join us at one of our virtual assessment centres where you’ll have the chance to meet our team and some of our current graduates. 

How many graduates will you be hiring this year?

The number of graduates we hire is determined by our strategic priorities and this can vary year to year.