Melody Huang

Melody Huang

Melody Huang - Claims Officer

"There are many different teams within QBE and plenty of opportunities for people from different backgrounds and disciplines.

I moved over from New Zealand where I completed my combined commerce and law degree. I was keen to join financial services and very open to moving to Sydney. I researched a lot of graduate programs and QBE's program appealed to me. The general insurance program attracts a diverse range of disciplines and it was a great fit for me because of my legal and finance background.

When I started working for QBE, there was a bit of uncertainty about how I could apply what I learnt at university into my role. It soon became obvious that it wasn't necessarily going to be about technical competence but instead it was about keeping an open mind, having a positive attitude towards learning and putting in effort to build relationships with the people around me. The people here are happy to help and listen and I've always felt respected and valued.

In 2014, I had the opportunity to participate in a 6 week secondment to work with an indigenous organisation in Cape York. This was made possible through the QBE Foundation's partnership with Jawun. It was nice to be out in the community because sometimes we become so involved with our work and see things only from that perspective.

Getting out in the community helped me to think more from the perspective of our customers, whether it be a business or an individual. I was able to see things from the customer's perspective and appreciate the value of keeping claimants informed and getting their claims resolved to enable businesses to run their organisations or individuals get their lives back on track. This experience made me feel very privileged to work for an organisation like QBE."