Zika virus outbreak

For all our customers concerned by the Zika virus outbreak, we’d like to assure you we’re closely monitoring the situation and investigating the impact it may have on your travel plans.

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In the event of an emergency, please contact QBE Assist:
Phone: +61 3 8523 2800

Alternatively, you can contact us from an international toll free number.

What we know so far

The Zika virus is a mosquito-borne disease and there have been recent outbreaks in Central and South America, particularly in Brazil. Concerns have been raised that infection with Zika virus in pregnant women may cause certain birth defects. However the knowledge of a causal link between Zika virus and these outcomes is evolving and further studies are required.

For a list of the countries affected and information of safety precautions please refer to:

This information will be updated as new information comes to hand and the current risk may escalate for travellers. Please refer to for our latest update or

Important Advice for Policyholders of QBE Travel Insurance: Zika virus