Information for our customers affected by Cyclone Seroja

This alert was originally published 13 April 2021 and has been updated on 13 October 2021.

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Seroja has brought devastating weather conditions to Western Australia causing damage to homes, businesses and communities. 

Our team members are ready to take your calls and lodge claims. Our assessors and tradespeople are here to support you if you have sustained any damage.

On the ground to support you

As the recovery process continues, our teams remain committed to supporting our customers through the claims process.

Over coming months, we have extra team members on the ground for customers who need us. If you'd like to discuss your claim or need support from one of our senior claims specialists on the ground, please contact us today using the instructions below.

How to claim

If you’re insured directly with QBE, call us on 133 QBE (133 723) and press 2 for Claims.

If you bought your policy from an intermediary or your financial institution, contact them to make your claim.

If you need to make a claim due to cyclone damage, please contact us as soon as you’re safe and able to do so. While our assessors and tradespeople can’t enter affected areas until emergency services declare it safe, notifying us of your claim as soon as possible helps us speed up the claims process to get you back on your feet sooner.

Most importantly, we want you and your family to be safe so it’s important that you follow the advice of local authorities. We’ve put together some useful content to help you prepare before a cyclone, stay safe during a cyclone, and safely return to your home after a cyclone.

Disaster chaser warning

There have been reports of disaster chasers targeting customers in areas affected by Cyclone Seroja. These disaster chasers may claim to have identified property damage and ask for payment or contracts to conduct your repairs quickly or cheaply. In many cases they don't have necessary licenses or insurance and any repairs they conduct are unauthorised and may not be safe or covered by insurance.

Please remember we won't send a tradesperson or builder out without contacting you. If you come across someone you’re not certain of, ask for identification. Contact us to check if you're not sure and report any suspicious activity to government authorities or police.

Please remember

  •  Always follow the advice and direction of emergency services
  • Never try to drive through flood-affected areas
  • Return to your property only when the authorities deem it safe
  • Be cautious around electrical items that may have been affected by water, especially fallen power lines which may still be live
  • Be careful around trees and buildings which may be unstable following the cyclone
  • If you’re in urgent need of ‘make safe’ repairs, temporary accommodation or emergency cash payments, please contact us straight away
  • Take photographs or videos of any damage to support your claim and speed up claim processing time
  • Discard any damaged goods that may pose a health-risk. Don’t forget to take photographs and, if safe to do so, keep a sample of the material to support your claim
  • Be aware of scammers offering assistance with claims or repairs. Always contact us first to ensure the works are authorised by a reputable company that guarantees its work. See here for more information
  • It’s ok if you don’t know your policy details when you contact us; with your name and address we’ll find it for you.

Cyclone cover

We cover cyclone damage under the following policies:

  • Home building
  • Home contents
  • Farm
  • Commercial
  • Motor vehicle
  • Motorcycle
  • Caravan
  • Landlords
  • Pleasure craft

Current warnings

For the latest information on emerging and current weather conditions across Australia, please listen to the local radio and monitor information from the emergency sources listed on our Catastrophe hub.