Is travel insurance worth it?

Booking and planning an overseas holiday can be almost as exciting as the holiday itself. However, one issue easily ignored or overlooked when planning your trip has the potential to influence how your overseas adventure unfolds. Do you really need travel insurance?

The decision is not as exciting as thinking about where to stay or what to see, but it’s worth noting that you can’t change your decision on insurance once you’ve left the country.

“No-one wants to have to think about what can go wrong on a holiday, but there are two important facts to consider before you leave” suggests Rob Lackey, Manager at QBE Assist.

“Firstly around 40% of all travel insurance claims are for medical treatment and secondly, Medicare doesn’t apply outside Australian territories and in many countries, like the USA, even simple medical procedures can end up costing more than your entire holiday ”.

When a traveller needs medical attention overseas, there’s a number of issues they can face including standard of care, language barriers, ability to contact family and friends or getting consular support.

QBE travel insurance provides 24-hour emergency assistance, as standard with overseas cover. QBE Assist is a dedicated team of medical and insurance experts based in Australia on stand by to provide practical help if and when it’s needed.

“If you get sick or injured overseas, suddenly you can be way out of your comfort zone. Our team can provide specific practical help when you need it most” says Lackey.

The QBE Assist team handles an average of 80,000 calls for help each year, and more than two thirds are sickness or injury related, that’s why we have doctors and other medical experts on staff.

“Last year 175 cases were serious enough for us to dispatch a dedicated Air Ambulance crew to transport those patients back home or to the nearest appropriate level of urgent care,” says Lackey.

“Travel insurance is one of those things that you really hope you don’t need to ever use, but knowing it’s there gives you and your family peace of mind.”

Before you depart on your next holiday, take the time to check you have the adequate travel insurance for your destination and type of holiday.

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