Five ways to keep your belongings safe abroad

Losing your stuff can ruin your trip – here are some useful tips to help protect yourself. 

What’s your idea of a dream holiday? Visiting Disneyland with the family? Snowboarding in the Alps? Or maybe sipping a Mai Tai by an infinity pool? Whatever you’re into, your dream holiday can become a nightmare if your prized possessions are lost, stolen or damaged.

Here are five tips that will help you have a worry-free holiday:

1. Use your hotel safe

If you’re staying in a hotel, don’t assume your room is a secure space. If your room has a safe, use it. It’s a great place to stash travel documents, cash and other valuables you don't carry with you all the time. If your room doesn’t have a safe, ask at reception whether the hotel has a secure area you can use or if there are any other options. If you do leave items with reception, ask for a receipt.

2. Be discreet

Avoid flashing around your high-tech gadgetry and jewellery when you’re travelling. Many thieves target tourists and you could be identifying yourself as an easy mark. You should also separate your valuables if possible; don’t keep items such as your wallet, phone and camera all in the same bag.

3. Go waterproof

Thieves aren’t the only threat to your belongings on holiday. If you’re on or around water, that could be another source of damage. If they’re not already waterproof, consider buying a pouch, cover or bag that offers protection against the elements before you go away. And do leave your possessions in a safe place when you go for a swim – unattended items are easy pickings for thieves.

4. Research your destination

While you should be just as careful abroad as you are at home, you may need to be particularly vigilant in areas where crime is an issue. Check your destination online beforehand to find out whether it’s a trouble spot. It’s also a good idea to note down contact numbers for the local police in case you need to report theft.

5. Invest in travel insurance

Ok, this one won’t prevent your stuff from going AWOL, but it can help to soften the blow if things go wrong. Travel insurance covers lost or stolen luggage and belongings, although you may need to boost your cover to include high value items such as jewellery, laptops and other pricey tech.

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