Travel insurance: get the right level of cover

Enjoy every minute of your holiday knowing you’ve got cover that works for you.

What’s the plan for your next holiday? An overseas adventure? An Aussie escape? Or perhaps a cruise? Whatever you’re doing on your well-earned break, you need the right cover. Here are some things to consider:

Where are you going?

First off, you need cover that’s designed for your destination. We provide plans for Australian and International travel. Our international plans vary depending on which country you’re visiting – if you’re on a multi-stop trip you need to check you’re fully covered for all your destinations.

If you’re travelling within Australia and are most concerned about being left out of pocket if your trip’s cancelled, consider Cancellation insurance. And if you’re a frequent traveller Annual Multi-Trip cover offers year-round peace of mind.

Who’s travelling?

If you’re planning a solo escape, holidaying with your kids under 25 or travelling with friends, single cover is all you need. If you want family or cover for two, we do that too.

What will you be doing?

Our standard plans cover a range of common activities, such as renting a car, cycling and scuba diving. They also include more adventurous pursuits like white water rafting and bungee jumping.

Do check the policy for what isn’t covered though. For example, you’ll need to add our snow sports option if you plan on going to the snow. There are a few things we can’t cover: think running with the bulls and base jumping.

Your valuables can also be at risk when you’re on holiday, from leaving your camera in the back seat of a taxi or dropping your phone in the pool to thieves helping themselves to your laptop. If this is a concern for you it may be worth getting additional cover for your more expensive items.

Your health

Travel insurance covers your medical expenses if you’re injured or get sick while you’re away, but you need to tell us about existing health problems when you arrange your cover. Being upfront can prevent you being out of pocket if things go wrong.

QBE Assist: 24/7 worldwide emergency help

The thought of having an accident or becoming ill on holiday can be unnerving. It’s comforting to know our QBE Assist team is on-hand if things go wrong. Their services include:

  • Assessing and monitoring your condition after an accident or illness
  • Getting you home in a medical emergency
  • Paying hospital and medical bills
  • Sourcing interpreters in non-English speaking overseas hospitals
  • Rescheduling disrupted travel plans
  • Providing advice and contact details for airlines and local embassies if you lose your tickets, passports or travel documents.

See what activities are covered and not covered in:

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