Which sports and activities are covered by travel insurance

If your favourite way of de-stressing on a holiday involves snow, water, great heights, riding or climbing, then it’s good to know which sports and activities are covered by travel insurance. Some sports are optional extras on your policy cover, while other activities are definitely not covered (BASE jumping, anyone?). Read on to see how QBE travel insurance has you covered while you get active on your well-earned holiday.

QBE offers various International and Australian policies. Here’s a guide to popular sports and active pursuits which are covered, as well as what is excluded, by QBE travel insurance. The list is a general guide only, so if a sport you’re into isn’t covered here, contact a QBE travel insurance advisor for more information.

Water sports

Covered: Snorkeling, scuba diving under licensed instruction, wave surfing, white water rafting, sailboarding, water skiing, wake boarding, paddle boarding and canoeing are all included in your cover. Fishing is covered only if the activity is not in international waters.
Not covered: Unlicensed scuba diving. Also, other than water skiing, all activities that use a mechanically propelled vehicle are excluded, so jet skiing and sailing are out.

Airborne activities

Covered: How you choose to leap into the wild blue yonder will determine whether you’re covered. Skydiving with a parachute, hot air ballooning and bungee jumping are all acceptable. Joy flights in light aircraft or helicopters are also covered.
Not covered: Paragliding, BASE jumping.

On land

Covered: Mountaineering, horse riding and bicycling and mountain biking are included in your cover.
Not covered: Mountain or rock climbing involving ropes is excluded. So is taking part in the Running of the Bulls; racing of any kind except on foot; motorcycle riding with an engine larger than 250cc; and motorcycle riding without a helmet or valid license. Professional sporting activities are also excluded.

Snow sports

Covered: Downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ski biking
Not covered: Snow tubing; professional snow sports; skiing in resorts that are not located at least 1000m above sea level.

Your travel insurance does not cover any international snow sports, unless additional cover is purchased through our International and Annual Multi-Trip travel plans. This cover includes medical expenses and evacuation/repatriation, cost of ski lift passes, reimbursement for ski run closure and snow equipment hire.

However, if you’re travelling within Australia or New Zealand you are automatically covered for snow sports listed above, although be aware that under our Australian policy medical expenses are not included for snow sports.

Seek professional advice

We have a range of Australian, New Zealand and International policies and cover details vary between each. Speak to a travel insurance advisor before your trip if you are unsure about any details of your cover. Be sure to be specific about the activities you plan to try during your trip to ensure you have peace of mind about your cover.

If you’re concerned about unrest or wild weather in the region you’re travelling to, QBE provides up to date travel alerts, or check the Australian government’s Smart Traveller site.

To make sure you have the right travel insurance for the type of holiday you’re planning contact us on 133 723 or visit us here.

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