What's included in the cover


  • Non-refundable cancellation

  • Additional travel, accommodation and meals

Not Included

  • Luggage or belongings (choose Travel insurance)

  • Trips longer than 12 months

Travel insurance: get the right level of cover
Travel insurance: get the right level of cover

What’s the plan for your next holiday? An overseas adventure? An Aussie escape? Or maybe a cruise? Whatever you’re doing on your well-earned break, you need the right cover.

Travel alerts
Travel alerts

If major world events are likely to impact your trip, or your travel insurance policy, we’ll post a travel alert.

Is travel insurance worth it

Is travel insurance worth it

Booking and planning an overseas holiday can be almost as exciting as the holiday itself. However one issue easily ignored or overlooked when planning your trip has the potential to influence how your overseas adventure unfolds. Do you really need travel insurance?

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