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15 Oct 2020 | Qnect 

welcome alex chanQBE welcomes Alex Chan, Head of Agency, Hong Kong. Alex is an experienced professional with over 25 years of experience across distribution, sales and relationship management. Prior to joining QBE Hong Kong, Alex held a number of senior positions in global insurance organisations. With his strong working experience across the agency channel, specialising in driving business growth and strategic partnerships, and a comprehensive understanding of the insurance landscape, Alex is well poised to provide valuable insights for our business partners and customers and lead us to success.

Qnect Updates 
In QBE, we strive to make things better for you. As part of ongoing efforts, our teams have made significant initiatives on Qnect functionalities to let you stay ahead of the game. We have mentioned most of the below in our previous communication but you may find it helpful with a short recap below.

A Simpler Interface New!
To provide a streamlined and optimized user experience with Qnect, we are undertaking a series of revamps to enhance the interfaces and workflows on Qnect. We have introduced the New Header Toolbar of late with a simpler, cleaner design and features grouping allowing users to locate various Qnect functions and reports with ease. For more details, please refer to the Qnect New Header Toolbar – Quick Guide.

Renewal Dashboard 
Other than fast track polices in all status and quick view of eRenewal Notice from Qnect anywhere, whenever needed 24/7, you could download eRenewal Notice and a summary list of polices to assist you in managing renewal at your fingertips. 

Quotation Dashboard 
All quotation requests can now be submitted through Qnect, even for specialty risk products. Through a single point of quotation entry on Quotation Dashboard, you can view your quotation submissions and track the progress status online.

Pay Fast 
This feature allows you to issue a one-time payment link to your clients, collecting premium of issued policies. Payment can be made instantly online in a secured manner without the need of cheque and paper forms. 

Standalone EC Risk 
It is the market norm that many insurers do not want to do EC risks on a standalone basis. At QBE, we give you an edge to quote for standalone EC risk through our Qnect BIZ, in a way you won’t miss out clients who have such need.  

SME / BIZ - Premium Adjustability
Over the past months, we have received feedback from our intermediaries our Qnect SME and BIZ products are priced on the high side which does not help them close more business with their clients. Starting from 15 October 2020, our default commission for new business will change to 30% which means a lower premium for your clients and hence increase your chances of closing the deal. We have also introduced premium adjustability through varying the commission levels from 30% up to 40%. This flexibility brings you closer to the deal utilising your profits. 


Join the Online Session

If you want to learn more of the above initiatives in detail,   which could be a game-changer to your business,   we encourage you to join a 60 mins’ online session and our colleagues can quickly walk you through these Qnect initiatives. Kindly click on the link to register your interest in the class.


Online Session A Online Session B
Date: 16 October 2020, Friday (16:00-17:00 pm )
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This meeting will be conducted via Teams
Date: 23 October 2020, Friday (16:00-17:00 pm )
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This meeting will be conducted via Teams

eClaims is Ready for All Products

In challenging times when work from home becomes a new normal,   QBE Hong Kong has been expediting the development of our claims digital offering to full-fledged,   extending to all lines of products this August following the debut of our Travel,   Domestic Helper and Motor e-claim to bring convenience to our customers. Our platform now enables paperless claim submission of all lines anytime, anywhere, it also sets to deliver faster settlement to customers for those selected bank transfer as preferred payment method. eClaims also offers your customer an option to send a copy of email notification to responsible agent, keeping you better informed and managing your customers’ claims effortlessly.

If you wish to know more about the benefits and features of QBE eClaims, please click here to view the Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs). Note that your customer can also view the FAQs on eClaims website directly. 

For any further enquiry,   please contact our Claims Services team at:claims.hk@qbe.com / +852 2877 8608

Go Green with e-Renewal Notice 
We are stepping up our efforts towards sustainability by reducing print and creating a greener future. Starting from 30 September 2020, we have moved to paperless eRenewal Notice and no longer provide Renewal Notice in print via mail thereafter. You can simply view or download the eRenewal Notice from Qnect online 24/7. Rest assured of no more missing document and lost mail as we go online Read more → 

e-Dispatch of Policy Documents
In response to the COVID-19 situation, we are accelerating efforts to ramp up our digital offering to better support our business partners and the environment. We are pleased to bring you an electronic dispatch solution starting September, enabling you to receive your clients’ policy documents via email as we phase out physical copies.
The policy documents will be in PDF format with password protected. The password will be the agent account number. Most policy wordings will be a link for the intermediary/client to access. Policy documents will be attached to the email for different transaction types including new business, renewal, endorsement, cancellation etc.
Extra 5% Commission of Group Medical Insurance
Enjoy an extra 5% commission when you place Group Medical Business with QBE during campaign period from 15 September to 31 December 2020. It is applicable to all new business of Group Health 360. 

Extending Group Medical Claim Submission Time under COVID-19
Our agents’ experience and wellbeing have always been our top priority. QBE strives to provide more dedicated support for you and your customers during the most unprecedented time in recent history. With immediate effect, we are pleased to extend the time limit of submitting the Group Medical Claim from the current 90 days to 120 days counting from the treatment date. It is applicable to any claim cases related to Group Medical Insurance policies incurred from 1 August 2020 to 31 December 2020. Read more → 

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