QBE latest Work-From-Home arrangement

Dear Partner

Due to the recent spikes in coronavirus cases and heightened chance of a major and prolonged outbreak in the community, QBE employees are asked to work from home effective Monday 23 March 2020, until the situation stabilises.

We apologise for the short notice and the inconvenience it may cause to you as a result of our Work-From-Home (WFH) decision. During the WFH period, we will conduct meetings via video conferencing or telephone calls. Face to face meetings will be avoided and we will also advocate social distancing.

The safety of our employees, workplace, business partners and the local community is our paramount concern and we know you will support us in our effort to minimize risk exposure.

Please note that for critical functions, we will continue to operate as normal in the office, on a split team basis to ensure minimisation of potential cross infection. For all other functions and employees, they are ready to support you while working from home.

Your relationship manager, business development manager or agency manager are ready to answer your queries should you encounter any service issues.

Let's stand together to fight this battle. Stay safe, stay healthy. We will update you when our operations resume normalcy.

Lei Yu
CEO North Asia & Regional Head of Distribution 
QBE Asia

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