Keeping your home safe and comfortable in a humid environment

Keeping your home safe and comfortable in a humid environment

Do you know humidity can affect your health and cause damage to your home? According to experts, the optimal humidity level for confined indoor spaces should be kept within 30% to 50%. Anything that goes beyond this range is either too dry or too wet. It does not only impact indoor air quality but also causes visible mould growth, cracking furniture or rotting walls and flooring.
QBE’s Home Plus Protection package covers all your valuables from clothing, handbags, electronic goods to jewelleries and more. It also includes optional domestic helpers’ employer liability protection and personal valuables protection. If you’re a tenant, you can also consider protection for your personal belongings.
Starting today, you will receive the following when you purchase a QBE Home Plus Protection package:
· Free “COVID-19” vaccine protection* Learn more
· Complimentary smart home device “Kangaroo Water and Climate Sensor” * to manage your home temperature and humidity through a mobile application anytime and anywhere. The sensor will send out an instant notification when it registers extreme readings, so you can take early actions to prevent and reduce losses to a minimum, thereby ensuring your home safety during any season Watch video to find out more
*Subject to terms and conditions
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