QBE's Global Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Summary and Policy

QBE is committed to ensuring compliance with Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption laws in the countries in which it operates. QBE’s global Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy establishes the approach, principles and requirements essential for managing compliance with those laws and requirements. 

The Policy applies to all employees, contractors, directors and agents of QBE and its controlled entities and to QBE joint ventures, where appropriate. 

Key Obligations 

Under the Policy, no one at QBE will: 

  • Offer, promise, accept, request or authorise a bribe, whether directly or indirectly or engage in or facilitate corruption. 
  • Make facilitation payments (payments made directly to a government official or employee for their benefit, to expedite or secure the performance of governmental action by a governmental agency), whether directly or through third parties. 
  • Offer or receive commissions, payments (indirect or direct), gifts, entertainment, hospitality or promotional activity where these are unreasonable, excessive (including both in frequency and value), disproportionate and not offered or accepted in good faith. 
  • Make Political Donations and Contributions on behalf of QBE, other than where authority has been specifically delegated to them. 
  • Suffer adverse consequences for refusing to make improper payments, even if this may or does result in QBE losing business. 
  • Enter into a contract with an agent or third party before conducting a reasonable investigation (due diligence) into the background, reputation, and business practices of the agent or third party.