QBE’s Global Sanctions Policy Summary

QBE is committed to ensuring compliance with Economic and Trade Sanctions ("Sanctions") laws in the countries in which it operates. QBE’s global Sanctions Policy establishes the approach, principles and requirements essential for managing compliance with those laws and requirements. 

The Policy applies to all employees, contractors, directors and agents of QBE and its controlled entities and to QBE joint ventures, where appropriate. 

Key Obligations 

Under the Policy, QBE: 

  • Will comply with the requirements of sanctions regimes of the jurisdictions in which it operates or seeks to operate. 
  • Requires its agents and third parties not to engage in or facilitate any business activity that would lead QBE to breach any applicable sanctions obligations in jurisdictions in which it operates. 
  • Will forego any business that breaches any applicable sanctions regime in jurisdictions in which it operates or seeks to operate.