KidsCanQBE is proud of our partnership with KidsCan, offering both financial support via the QBE Foundation and hands-on assistance through our staff volunteer days.

KidsCan is a charity dedicated to providing practical help and support to the 1 in 4 children throughout the country who live in poverty. They do this through a variety of programmes run through lower decile schools, including the provision of food, shoes and raincoats to children who need them.

QBE shares KidsCan’s belief that education plays a big part in helping people out of poverty and that every child deserves equal chance. A chance that is only ever equal if all children are sitting warm, fed, dry and in a position to concentrate and learn.

Our friends at KidsCan are passionate about what they do - and they do it well. We like that about them.

To find out more about KidsCan visit: www.kidscan.org.nz/