African Caribbean Achievement Project United Kingdom

The African Caribbean Achievement Project (ACAP) is a grassroots independent volunteer-led charity whose mission is to raise the educational achievement and welfare of disadvantaged people from the West-Yorkshire area of the United Kingdom. Working with some of the poorest areas in the UK, ACAP aim to use education to support young people and their families to achieve outstanding success in every aspect of their lives, so they can contribute positively to the community. They achieve this through various forms of educational programs, projects and services. 

The QBE Foundation’s grant supported the new Financial Literacy program, ACAP School of Money. Delivered as a four-week course, it provides structured exploration of key topics related to finance for disadvantaged parents. The project aims to improve the financial literacy of the participants and promote awareness of financial literacy issues in the African Caribbean community and increase the number of culturally appropriate financial resources available in community settings. 200 single parents are set to benefit from the new program through one to one training and online sessions. 

With our funding, ACAP can help parents improve their relationship with money and stay in control of their finances, which will benefit their children, as well as the wider community. Clients are equipped with the knowledge to manage their finances as single parents, preventing them from falling into poverty, and providing equal rights to economic resources, a UN SDG 1 target, to assist in the eradication of poverty.   


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