Youth Without Shelter Canada

Youth Without Shelter (YWS) is an independent residential shelter serving homeless youth aged 16-24. Since their establishment in 1986 they have helped more than 15,000 homeless youth to build their confidence and life-skills and find long-term stable housing and jobs.

YWS provides 33 emergency shelter beds and 20 long-term (stay in school residency) beds, and wrap-around support programs, including finding affordable housing & providing after-care, life skills & employment, educational outreach & prevention, mental health & counselling, and support for continued education. YWS also provides meals for residents, which includes an in-kind food donation program accounting for more than 60% of the total food budget.

In early March 2020 as COVID-19 began impacting the community, in-kind food donations dropped to less than 15% of their regular level. With QBE’s support, YWS was able to purchase vital supplies for the food program which meant they could continue providing healthy and nutritious food, meeting 100% of Canada’s Food guidelines, for the residents.

QBE’s support has contributed to youths’ health and energy which directly feeds into them being able to strive towards independence, and lead long, healthy lives. In a time, where every population is vulnerable and food insecurity has become so prominent, Youth Without Shelter has taken steps towards eliminating extreme poverty and assisted in the achievement on UN SDG 1, No Poverty.

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