A fire can affect your business beyond damage to your building. It could result in employee injury or damage to equipment or inventory, causing delays in fulfilling customer orders or even shutting down your business. Use these resources to improve your fire safety program.

Property-based program bulletins

We provide information that can reduce fire exposures in your facilities, hazards that you may walk past every day. Learn more about reducing fire exposures:

Property loss control manual

Our manual covers 12 areas of fire prevention. Email us to order.

  • Overview (Introduction, responsibilities)
  • Hot Work Permit Systems
  • Establishing a Self-Inspection Program – General
  • Establishing a Self-Inspection Program – Fire Protection Equipment
  • General Fire Hazards and Safeguards
  • Plan Reviews for New Construction, Acquisition, Renovations or Occupancy Changes
  • Preplanning with the Fire Department
  • Pre-Emergency Planning
  • Impairment Program for Fire Protection Equipment
  • Preventive Maintenance for Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Programs
  • Fire Doors
  • Sample Checklists, Forms, Loss Control Bulletins

Business interruption

If a fire happens, you need to respond quickly. Creating a written business continuity program before a fire happens will help guide you in rebuilding your business. Customize these business interruption documents and be prepared.

For an electronic copy of our Disaster Emergency Preparedness Plan, which you can customize to meet your company's needs, email us now.