The marine sector in Asia

The marine sector in Asia

The marine sector significantly contributes to national economies, with Asia playing a pivotal role in global maritime trade. Hosting major manufacturing hubs and some of the world's largest ports, Asia's influence extends across various goods categories. Notably, intra-Asian and extra-regional containerised trade constitute a substantial portion of global trade volumes, while Asia stands out as the primary importer of crude oil, driven by significant buyers like China and India. The region remains responsive to evolving supply chain dynamics and geopolitical shifts impacting shipping routes. Moreover, several Asian countries serve as critical centres for shipbuilding and recycling operations, making the region a focal point for developments in ship recycling practices moving forward.

Marine insurance stands as the linchpin of global trade facilitation, enabling seamless transactions across borders. With the evolving landscape, the Asia Pacific region has emerged as a major player in the realms of shipping and ship construction. Download this report to gain deeper insights into the market dynamics amidst geopolitical tensions and carbon emission regulations. Equip yourself and your clients with the knowledge to navigate this landscape with greater clarity and fewer obstacles.


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