Insulate your company against bad debts

Whether companies sell goods or services internationally or domestically, they face the inherent risk of non-payment. There are various reasons why a buyer may not pay, including insolvency, overdue accounts and political risks. The loss of income can negatively impact your balance sheet and even hinder the continued growth of your business.

QBE Vietnam's Trade Credit Insurance helps protect companies from commercial bad debts as our solutions are attractive to companies of all sizes – from those with minimal credit sales to the largest corporations for both domestic and export transactions.

QBE is one of the largest providers of trade credit insurance in Asia and we offer a wide range of products to protect our customers. We can help protect your company’s cash flow as well as your business profitability and enhance your credit management processes. Our comprehensive coverage and benefits include:

  • Support sales growth with added protection against unexpected default
  • An early-warning system for bad payers or poor risks to help avoid bad debts
  • Indemnity up to 90% of each unpaid debt
  • Minimise cash flow impact of large, unexpected bad debt loss
  • A broad range of domestic and export policies to suit businesses of all sizes for local, regional or global needs
  • Optional extension of cover for contract repudiation and political risk events for exporting companies

To obtain more information about this product, please contact us or ask your insurance agent or broker.

Important Notice:
The above only serves as a general description of our products and services. For full product details and coverage, please check with your insurance broker, agent or with QBE Vietnam directly.

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