Protect your property and business

Businesses are vulnerable to physical damage from various sources, any of which can result in costly interruptions to operations and profit losses.

QBE Vietnam offers property insurance that provides financial protection for your business against such risks. We insure all typical physical business assets – from stock to buildings to furniture and fixtures to fitting, plants, and all other contents. We also offer a bespoke insurance solution to help protect your physical business assets and give you peace of mind should the unexpected happen. This coverage can also be extended to cover the loss of profits to help your business survive through such times of uncertainty.

Commercial Fire Insurance

QBE Vietnam’s Commercial Fire Insurance provides protection against losses from fire and explosions. This policy features optional additional cover for different budgets, enabling any SME to mitigate the risk exposures that could threaten their companies. It also covers fire and perils building, contents, stock, and machinery.

Property All Risks

Property All Risks Insurance from QBE Vietnam provides cover against all risks that aren’t specifically excluded in the policy. Consequently, it is a far broader coverage than our Commercial Fire Insurance policy, providing even greater protection to your business in the unfortunate event of a physical loss due to events such as a fire or a natural catastrophe. This policy also offers protection for your business assets and business interruption when selected.

To obtain more information about this product, please contact us or ask your insurance agent or broker.

Important Notice:
The above only serves as a general description of our products and services. For full product details and coverage, please check with your local insurance broker, agent or with QBE Vietnam directly.

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