Professional liability insurance is a key component of risk management in today’s business environment of increasing personal accountability. It is essential to protect your company and your executives with cover against legal liability, the threat of litigation and potential resulting damage.

QBE Vietnam’s Professional Liability Insurance will enable you to operate confidently, secure in the knowledge that your potential professional liability exposures are covered. We offer a variety of insurance products to keep you secure.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance protects consulting professionals against a wide range of potential actions arising from breaches of professional duty, settlements, compensatory damages and other legal liabilities. Major categories of profession covered include Architects & Engineers, Solicitors, Accountants, Management or business consultants Real Estate Agents, Consultants, Media & Publishing, and Travel Agents & Tour Operators.

Single Project Indemnity Insurance

Single Project Indemnity protects construction professionals such as engineers and project managers against breach of their professional duty when undertaking a specific construction project.

Directors' & officers' Management Liability Insurance

Directors' & Officers' Management Liability Insurance protects senior executives against the risk of liability arising from their negligence of duties, breach of trust, including financial loss of the stakeholders and employment practice claims, out of court settlements, defence costs, cost of appointing legal expertise.

Cyber and Data Security (CDS) Insurance

Cyber and Data Security (CDS) Insurance provides protection against third party liability arising from unauthorised access to your systems; first party protection in regard to data breach notification costs, IT asset rectification costs, cyber extortion, etc. The cover provided is supported by global reputable Cyber emergency service providers which QBE has partnered with to ensure a smooth and professional handling of the Cyber. 

Educators' Liability Insurance

Educators’ Liability Insurance protects teacher and training consultants against a wide range of potential actions arising from breaches of professional duty, settlements, compensatory damages and other legal liabilities. 

Medical Liability Insurance

Medical Malpractice Insurance protects healthcare professionals and the medical establishments in which they operate against legal liability for breach of professional duty, settlements and other legal liabilities by reason of any negligent act, error or omission committed or alleged to have been committed on the part of the Insured. 

Association Liability Insurance

Association Liability Insurance protects not-for-profit or charitable associations against legal liability in relation to the wide variety of risks associated with carrying out activities and providing services. 

Information & Communication Technology Insurance

Information & Communication Technology Insurance protects against legal liability arising from the failure of products, services and/or advice regarding to the provision of information & communication technology services and cover for defense costs.

Commercial Crime Insurance

Commercial Crime Insurance covers for Loss resulting directly from any commercial crime act of fraudulent act by an employee (acting alone or in collusion with other persons) with the principal intent to cause the Insured to sustain a loss or to obtain any personal financial gain. 

Clinical Trial Insurance

Clinical Trials Insurance provides coverage from legal liabilities arising out of injury/death caused by clinical trials.

To obtain more information about each product, please contact us or ask your insurance agent or broker. 

Important Notice:
The above only serves as a general description of our products and services. For full product details and coverage, please check with your insurance broker, agent or with QBE Vietnam directly.

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