LMI Connect®

Be in control

LMI Connect® is our web-based platform that simplifies the LMI process. We offer LMI Connect® to all our business clients to provide you with an easy to use online platform that covers pre-application and application submission, through to payments and claims processing.

You can now monitor and manage every step of your customers’ applications, saving you time and putting you back in control.

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Useful functions

LMI Connect® enables you to:

LMI Connect Tools moduleTools: Calculate the LMI premium, servicing capacity of borrowers, and view location limits 
LMI Connect Inquiry ModuleInquiry: Do real-time searches of your applications, approvals and policies
LMI Connect Origination Module Origination: Submit your LMI proposal and supporting documents online
LMI Connect Payments module Payments: Streamline the premium payment process
LMI Connect Defaults ModuleDefault management: Submit and manage your arrears and claims processes 
LMI Connect User AdmiAdmin user: Manage your team's LMI Connect® access

Even if you don't submit applications to us electronically, it still makes sense to use LMI Connect® because:

  • There is no development set up – LMI Connect® is accessible directly though QBE LMI’s secure website; and
  • We offer free Help Desk support and training

Click here to go to LMI Connect

LMI Connect Mobile App
Do you need to get an LMI quote or check our location wizard on the go? You can access both from our Mobile App. Available from the AppStore or Google Play.


For more information on the solution that’s right for you, contact your Regional Partnership Manager.