Australia reached a major milestone this year when our population reached 25 million. Natural population growth and international migration combined to achieve this milestone quicker than most forecasters predicted. And, of course, everybody needs somewhere to live.

Welcome to the QBE Australian Housing Outlook 2018-2021. This is the 17th year we’ve partnered with BIS Oxford Economics on a deep analysis of Australia’s residential housing market and its three-year outlook. Don't forget to watch the video below to find out more about the main themes.

Housing Outlook 2018-2021

Capital cities

Continued population growth, low unemployment and interest rates will continue to underpin house prices in Australia over the next three years. Find out what’s forecast for Australia’s capital cities house and unit prices.

Housing Outlook 2018-2021

Regional centres

Read more about how our regional cities are benefiting from the overflow and affordability challenges of our larger markets in Sydney and Melbourne, while others benefit from lifestyle changes.

Housing Outlook 2018-2021

Where will Millennials live?

Millennials have been a significant influence on Australia’s property market over the past decade. But they’re headed for some major life stage changes over the next ten years. But is the Australian property market ready to meet their needs?