QBE Insurance (International) Pty Limited - Branch Office

QBE has been represented in New Caledonia since 1887 – initially through an agency and since 1994 as a branch office. Our team has built a reputation for local knowledge, technical expertise, and claims settlement. QBE New Caledonia provides a full range of insurance policies, focusing on meeting the needs of both small- to medium-sized enterprises and large corporate companies. We specialise in Commercial Property, Householders' Property and Motor Risks cover.

We share our expertise with our valued network of brokers and work with them to provide tailored insurance solutions for the complex and variable exposures of commercial clients. We also provide clients easy and affordable solutions to cover their personal risks.

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QBE in the community

Helping people regain their dignity

QBE New Caledonia actively supported the Saint Vincent de Paul charity, which assists the less fortunate members of society. The charity is very active in New Caledonia, running several social grocery stores and clothing shops where needy people come to buy food or clothing at very low prices. Based on the feedback received from the shoppers, the opportunity to buy items at such affordable prices rather than receiving free handouts is helping to increase their self-esteem.

QBE has donated funds to help with the purchase of sewing machines, steam irons, ironing boards, and other equipment used to prepare the second-hand clothing for resale.

QBE staff have also volunteered to help with the charity’s collection of items outside shopping centre exits during the Christmas shopping rush, which has resulted in record-breaking donation levels.

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