Reimagining insurance from the outside in

QBE Ventures invests in, and builds alongside, early stage technology companies who we believe have the potential to reshape the insurance industry. 

We leverage QBE’s market strength and expertise, and augment these with emerging technologies to create new value for our customers, partners, and the communities in which we operate.

QBE Ventures focus on driving strategic value across our key focus areas: Resilience, Data & AI and supporting QBE’s Growth Strategy

 $2m - 5m

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What we do

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We make sense of emerging trends in technology and financial services, exploring their potential within our core markets.

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Build and scale

We test, launch and scale new ventures that make the complex simple, in insurance and beyond.

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We invest in solutions that are shaping the future of financial services and have the potential to scale globally.

How we do it

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We invest in start-ups and venture funds that are aligned with our innovation strategy and our customer-first approach.

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Strategic partnerships

We partner with start-ups and technology experts to fast-track their growth and assist them in the development of transformative ideas with global potential.

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New venture development

We create new digital businesses from the ground up, leveraging the assets and scale of QBE to solve for emerging risks and customer needs.

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Case study: Introducing Geosite

In 2022, we joined forces with Geosite, a platform which sources, analyses, visualises and aggregates relevant geospatial data that helps organizations utilize planet-scale data to drive efficiency and accuracy, particularly in relation to major weather-related events.

Geosite is a modern API-driven platform that uses AI, ML and Computer Vision to fuse satellite, drone, topological, Space-borne RADAR and other data into business operations workflows for logistics, installation management, incident response, and operations planning. 

Up-to-date geospatial imagery is becoming more accessible and relevant for the insurance industry, and Geosite provide a platform to integrate multiple data sources and deliver insight as part of our underwriting and claims processes within our property portfolio.