Providing world-class solutions locally

QBE Automotive Protection team has developed a reputation for delivering successful insurance programs globally in North America, South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle-East. Our success has been built on providing world-class solutions tailored for each individual client.

Our product portfolio has been expanded to offer clients Gap Insurance and Warranty Insurance.

Our product portfolio is focused on protecting against the unexpected risks related to running or owning a car.

Risks for car owners include payments for sudden repairs to the vehicle or a lack of funds available to purchase a new car if an old one is stolen. While such events can be an unpleasant experience, our products are designed to reduce the stress and the financial impact.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty (Mechanical Failure Cover) offers a variety of Extended Warranty products to car manufacturers and dealers to suit new and used vehicles.

An Extended Warranty protects the customer against the cost of repairing their vehicle should it suffer from a mechanical or electrical breakdown outside the original manufacturer’s warranty period. Different lengths and levels of cover are available.

For more information, please e-mail automotiveprotection.sg@qbe.com


GAP (Financial Shortfall) Insurance

QBE offers two different types of GAP products for motor business:

  • Return to Invoice – designed for vehicles purchased with motor finance or cash, Return to Invoice covers the difference between the motor insurers total loss settlement and the original net invoice price of the motor vehicle
  • Vehicle Replacement Insurance – designed for vehicles purchased with motor finance or cash, Vehicle Replacement Insurance covers the difference between the motor insurer’s total loss settlement and the price of a new replacement vehicle of the same specification as the original new car.

For more information, please e-mail automotiveprotection.sg@qbe.com

Asia Care Warranty

What is Asia Care?

Vehicles lose their protection when the manufacturer’s warranty expires. If a problem occurs, it can result in high repair costs and the risk of problems increase over time as the vehicle gets older. Also, if you purchase a used car, you do not know how well the previous owner maintained the vehicle.

Asia Care warranty provides our car manufacturer’s and dealer’s customers with peace of mind as they can drive with the comfort of knowing they are covered in an unpleasant situation like an unexpected problem with their vehicle.

The Asia Care warranty is meant for new as well as almost new and used vehicles. There are various types of Asia Care warranty, which are designed to meet the expectations of all of our clients and their customers as well as responding to their financial preference.

Asia Care Delivery:

Asia Care is delivered to all of our clients through our online system - Danni. The Danni system is designed to be easy to use for car sellers and insurance brokers, while offering a broad-spectrum of options:

  • a wide portfolio of products available with minimal administrative time and cost
  • minimal initial data requirements to generate a personalised quote
  • clients and their customers receive the schedule of coverage and booklet at the point of sale
  • provides a flexible pricing and commission system that can be tailored for every deal
  • simple and quick online claims management
  • Asia Care Brochure
  • Others

Important Notice:
The above only serves as a general description of our products and services. For full product details and coverage, please check with your local insurance broker or a QBE authorised agent.

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