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QBE is a specialist Marine insurer with more than 130 years in the global market.

In the dynamic world of shipping trades, there are unimaginable risks lurking around that may disrupt your business. For over a century, clients have entrusted us and have relied on our expertise and accumulated wealth of experience to help identify and manage these uncertainties through product leadership and product innovation.

At QBE, we have the most comprehensive list of marine insurance coverage available and these are broadly classified into the following classes (with its various sub-classes):

  • Marine Cargo
  • Marine Project Cargo and Delay in Start up (DSU)
  • Marine Hull
  • Shipbuilder’s risk
  • Pleasure Craft
  • Fixed Premium Protection & Indemnity
  • Marine Liability

QBE offers the combination of international capability and capacity that comes from being part of a significant worldwide insurance group. We are committed to providing clients with comprehensive, viable and affordable solutions to help them achieve peace of mind.

Marine Cargo

Ship your goods anywhere throughout the world and enjoy peace of mind. With cargo insurance from QBE, your goods are covered from the time they leave your premises until your customer receives the goods at their premises. Should anything happen to your goods, we have our offices and agents worldwide to help look after your interests.

Single Voyage Marine Cargo

This policy insures cargo for a voyage that could be between two or more places. It provides cover from the time the cargo leaves the supplier’s warehouse until it is delivered to the final consignee’s warehouse, unless this is altered by virtue of the terms of sale.

Marine Cargo Open Cover

This policy covers all shipments that a client may have on terms and conditions that are pre-agreed with the insurer. It gives the insured the peace of mind that all their shipments that fall within the cover are insured subject to declaration of such shipments being made in a manner as agreed with insurer. Click here for Proposal Form.

Project Cargo and Delay Start Up Cover

This insurance provides cover for shipments of large equipment that are moved for specific projects such as power plants or the setting up of industrial complexes. There could be concerns that a delay in the delivery of the cargo due to a problem during the voyage could result in financial loss. This may include expenses having to be incurred on site during the period that the lost or damaged portion of the cargo is being either replaced or repaired. This policy provides cover for such delay in the start up of the project following the incident.

Towing Risks

Cargoes may have to be delivered to ports and/or places which can only be accessed by vessels that have a shallow draft. For example, many timber concessions and coal mines are located in remote areas that can only be reached via rivers and necessary machinery and equipment must be brought in on a barge that is towed by a tug. This policy provides cover for cargo delivered by this mode of transportation.


This policy insures goods that are moved on road conveyances such as trucks, vans or low loaders. Such transits can be within Singapore and/or between Singapore and West Malaysia.

Comprehensive Exporters and Products Liability

For SMEs exporting manufactured goods overseas, we can provide a Products Liability cover to complement the marine cargo policy.

Marine Liability

In the business environment, service providers in areas such as transportation, freight forwarding, stevedoring, ship repairs, and other professions in the marine industry who provide advice to their customers, or organisations that operate terminals, face a multitude of responsibilities and liabilities.

Transport Operators Liability

For those in the business of transporting cargo, QBE can help you manage your transport liabilities through our Transport Operators Liability cover. Click here for Proposal Form.

Stevedores Liability

Insurance for the stevedores provides coverage to many of the exposures encountered, including liabilities for loss or damage to vessels, their cargoes and damage to wharves, piers and docks while loading onto and unloading from a vessel. Click here for Proposal Form.

Shiprepairers Liability

Shiprepairers Liability Insurance provides cover to shiprepairers for their legal liabilities to vessels under their case, as well as for third party property damage and for death or injury.

Marine Professional Indemnity Insurance

Designed for marine professionals such as marine surveyors and ship agents, this cover helps protect your business against claims for loss or damage by a client or a third party if you have made mistakes. Or if you are found to have been negligent in some or all of the services that you have provided for clients. Click here for Brochure and Proposal Form.

Marine Terminal Operators Package

Marine terminal operators are also potentially exposed to a wide variety of legal liabilities, including liability for damage to vessels, cargoes or property belonging to customers as well as third-party property damage and liability for death or bodily injury to third parties.

The Marine Terminal Operators Package provides cover for these liabilities enabling you to manage these risks to your marine terminal operations.

Click here for Proposal Form

Marina Operators Liability

Insurance for the marina operators providing cover for legal liabilities incurred for damage to pleasure crafts or vessels in the operator’s care, custody and control and for third-party property damage, death or injury to third parties. Click here for Proposal Form.

Marine Hull

Commercial vessels are subject to a range of damages and liability risks that can amount to significant financial loss. QBE is dedicated to help manage your exposures by providing Hull & Machinery Insurance for shipowners and operators based on their individual needs.

Hull and Machinery

Insurance for shipowners and operators providing coverage for physical loss or damage to the hull and machinery of the ship.

Increased Value/Disbursement

This cover provides additional insurance, usually limited to 25% of the Hull value, in the event of the vessel becoming a total loss. The policy provides insurance against the loss of revenue and increased costs arising out of an incident that is covered under the Hull & Machinery Insurance.

War Risks

Insurance for physical loss or damage to the vessel arising from war and strikes perils.

Mortgagees Interest

Insurance for the mortgagees (banks or financial institutions) for outstanding monies due to them in the event of non-payment of claim under a Hull & Machinery and/or Increased Value policy following a breach of warranty by the operators of the vessel.

Innocent Owners Interests

Insurance for the innocent owners whilst their vessel is on a bareboat charter. The shipowner is exposed if Hull & Machinery and/or Increased Value covers do not respond, due to the arrangements becoming void following an act by the disponent owner or bareboat charterer.

Builders' Risks

This type of insurance covers a vessel while it is under construction. During that period, it is exposed to risks such as fire, tidal wave or failure in launch. It is also exposed to collision and sinking on a trial trip. The builders’ risk insurance effected by shipyards provides cover against all such risks. Click here for Proposal Form.

Commercial Third Party Liability

This cover provides insurance against certain liabilities to third parties that may be incurred by the shipowner or operator of the vessel such as damage to third-party property or bodily injury to third parties arising from incidents such as a collision with other vessels or removal of wreck.

Pleasure Craft Insurance

For recreational sailors, the sea promises freedom and adventure but the lurking perils at sea can potentially place you or your yacht at risk. Enjoy the freedom of your leisure activity and leave the risks of dealing with unexpected problems and accidents to QBE.

Pleasure Craft Insurance can help protect you against the physical loss or damage to your craft including any liabilities to third-party property and injury to third parties, arising out of the use of your pleasure craft.

British Marine P&I (Asia)

The British Marine office in Singapore, along with our colleagues in London, specialise in the underwriting of P&I insurance for owners of small to medium-sized merchant ships specialist craft, and fishing vessels operating in the region. In being served by an independent A+ S&P rated Insurance company, clients can feel secure in the knowledge that the premium they pay will not be subject to unbudgeted additional premium charges and that claims and underwriting are driven by the provider and not by reinsurers.

We offer fixed cost insurance backed by Standard & Poor's ‘A+’ rated security, whilst maintaining the tradition of mutual insurance in providing a high level of service to all our clients.

For more information, you can also visit the British Marine website www.britishmarine.com or contact us: managers@britishmarine.com 

British Marine 2023 Charterers P&I Terms & Conditions

British Marine 2023 Owners P&I Terms & Conditions

Important Notice:
The above only serves as a general description of our products and services. For full product details and coverage, please check with your local insurance broker or a QBE authorised agent.

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