eClaims User Guide

  1. Click to check the list of documents to prepare before you start 
  2. Input your policy number 
  3. Input date of loss/incident 
  4. Click “Start”
  5. Check the claims status for any QBE claims you have submitted
  1. Input your full name
  2. Input your UEN or Last 4 digits of NRIC/FIN/Passport Number


  1. Select country or city the incident occurred
  2. Describe what happened for you to be making a claim
  3. Input the amount in its original currency as shown on the receipts or supporting documents

claim details

  1. Upload supporting documents to process the claim
    a. Invoice/Receipt
    b. Copy of sick leave certificate (if applicable) 
    c. Copy of police report (if applicable) 
    d. Copy of death certificate (if applicable)  
  2. Click “Next” when you have uploaded the documents 
    supporting documents
  3. Please select whether the claim covered by any other insurance policy.
    If you select “Yes”, please follow #4a-c
    If you select “No”,  please click “Next” to go to Step 4: Payment & Contact

    other insurance policy
  4. Please input/select: 
    a. Name of insurance company 
    b. Policy number 
    c. Whether you making a claim under the other policy
    other insurance claim
  1. Input account holder name 
  2. Select bank name
  3. Input branch code (3 digits)
  4. Input account number (6-15 digits), and then click “Next” to go to #8-9
  5. If you want to receive the payment by cheque, please click this URL and then follow #6-7
    bank account details
  6. Input cheque details
  7. Click “Next” to go to #8-9
    cheque payment
  8. Input your contact information
  9. Select whether you like QBE to send a copy of all email notifications to your agent/broker on this claim
    contact information
  1. Tick the box to agree our Terms & Conditions
  2. Click “Submit” to submit your claim. 

    Terms & Conditions
  1. Your claim is submitted. Click “Save” to download the claim summary in PDF format. 
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