This section provides information on the steps required and the documents needed for submission to the QBE Singapore claims services team when you lodge claims in the area of Work Injury Compensation Insurance.

Claims Process

The table below lists the main supporting documents that you need to provide for the selected claims:

Claims Main Action and / or Supporting Document Required
Work Injury Compensation Claims
  • Complete the Claim Form, duly stamped and signed by Company / Insured, together with I-Report (MOM)
  • Submit the following documents:
    • Work Permit / Identity Card of the injured worker
    • Original medical bills and receipts / Original Medical Certificates
    • Inpatient Discharge Summary
    • Pay slips for the injured worker for the past 12 months before the date of accident
    • Copy of Contract Agreement entered between the main contractor and sub-contractor (for project cases)
    • Copy of main contractor's Work Injury Compensation Policy and Name of Insurer
  • Advise the total number of working days per week for injured worker
  • Confirm date injured worker returned to work

Click here for a copy of the Claim Form.

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