Mortgage insurance benefits residential lending activities in a number of significant ways: 

Effective transfer of risk 

Under the QBE Mortgage Insurance Program, banks can make loans up to a relatively high percentage of the secured property's value. As a provider of mortgage insurance solutions, QMI reduces the credit risk associated with its customers’ residential home loan portfolios. 

QBE also offers reinsurance to other mortgage insurers, reducing their business risks. 

Growth in new markets 

Mortgage insurance enables lenders to extend their client base to include customers that would otherwise be beyond their acceptable risk tolerance or regulatory constraints. Mortgage insurance is typically acquired on all home loans with high loan-to-value ratios, enabling lenders to access new customers and expand their portfolios without adding significantly more risk. 

Sharing of expertise

QMI specialises in assessing and managing home loans that are a higher risk than most home loans in a lender’s portfolio. Our experience gives customers confidence about achieving good outcomes. 

We provide efficiency, value, choice and flexibility to clients.