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When an insurance claim is made by a customer against their policy, it's handled by the Claims area. We assess the admissibility of each claim and determine what amount QBE should pay in settlement.

A career in Claims allows you to make a real difference in many lives – particularly at times when a customer might be experiencing difficult circumstances (such as property loss, damage or personal injury). We pride ourselves on taking ownership of the many challenging situations our customers face and finding solutions that assist at every stage of their claim. We also have a dedicated network of claims relationship managers across Australia that provide support to our brokers and intermediaries throughout the claims process.

A Claims role offers progression opportunities for those seeking to become people leaders or technical experts. QBE offers excellent career pathways for both options and also encourages Claims employees to develop solid business acumen, sound strategic thinking and negotiation skills through a range of on-the-job and training initiatives. With a variety of products in the QBE portfolio, a Claims career allows you to gain experience working with many different customer groups.

We understand our customers are looking for a partner who will consistently seek to understand their needs, care and keep their promises. Our claims service is key to the delivery of that promise to our customers.

Typical roles:

  • Claims Officer
  • Claims Manager
  • Team Leader

Policy Support and Underwriting

Product and underwriting play a vital role in the development of QBE products and their ongoing profitability.

Job functions in this area include evaluating risks with regard to customers, determining coverage levels and deciding how much customers should pay for their cover.

A product and underwriting career will see you working with one of the most experienced teams in the country. You'll have access to great opportunities for career development, accreditation and progression, and work collaboratively within your business unit and with sales and relationship management colleagues during many negotiations. The culture within the teams is focused on performance, teamwork and goals, but at the same time being supportive and taking time to enjoy our work is key.

Another valuable benefit offered through roles in QBE product and underwriting is the chance to regularly interact with customers, providing opportunities to influence real-world outcomes on key pieces of business from start to finish.

Typical roles:

  • Underwriting Assistant
  • Credit Control Officer
  • Team Leader
  • Policy Support Officer
  • Policy Service Officer 

Transformation and Operational Excellence

At QBE, we believe change is constant and necessary for us to adapt, evolve and innovate. The Transformation and Operational Excellence team helps drive change, projects and improvement strategies that support every business unit achieve their goals. We partner with leaders, customers and employees across QBE providing specialist skills and frameworks to help deliver change to people, process, system, customer and the organisation. Every day is different in Transformation and Operational Excellence. From delivering a project focused on customer improvement and redesigning our operational processes to supporting a large-scale strategic transformation effort or helping our people adapt to change. 

Our team designs and implements transformation using a range of techniques such as project management, lean/six sigma, design thinking, and innovation. Our core philosophy is around partnerships and collaboration, experimentation and innovation, a strong delivery focus and engaging people throughout change to ensure it sticks. 

Typical roles:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Analyst
  • Project Specialist
  • Business Process Engineer
  • Workforce Analyst

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Risk and Compliance is a multidisciplinary team responsible for overseeing risk, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and the maintenance of an effective governance framework. We also cover customer relations, government relations and industry affairs, capital management, fraud and security.

Our team gets an end-to-end view of all parts of the business, while our subject matter experts have a wide range of expertise across a number of disciplines.

Typical roles:

  • Risk Manager
  • Risk Analyst
  • Compliance Manager

Human Resources

Our role is to support QBE and leverage our talented employees to deliver sustained high performance. Through a partnership model we consult to leaders, so they can build a constructive culture and achieve the business objectives. Key strategic initiatives are created and delivered in the areas of organisational development, talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, remuneration and reward, performance management, learning and development, HR metrics and reporting, and talent development and succession planning.

HR is a strategic, customer focused business, and our purpose in HR is to create an employee experience that elevates the customer experience.

Typical roles:

  • HR Business Partner
  • Lead Specialist, Talent & Org Development
  • ER Consultant
  • Recruiter
  • HR Specialist
  • HR Analyst
  • Change Management


Our Finance team are proud to deliver financial services, including financial analysis, strategy and advice and financial control through business partnering, business intelligence and benchmarking.

We partner with the business to report on the key financial metrics that drive our performance and forecast our financial outlook. 

Our Financial Control team ensures QBE has adequate financial controls in place to ensure accurate reporting of financials to all external stakeholders.

Typical roles:

  • Finance Business Partner
  • Accountant
  • Financial Planning and Analysis Specialist
  • Reinsurance Operations Specialist
  • Global Finance Systems Analyst
  • Treasury Analyst
  • Internal Controls Assurance

Technology Services

The Technology Services team is responsible for ensuring that all IT-related issues are resolved within the shortest possible time. Technology Services provides support to different service delivery teams within the GSSC and across QBE globally.

Typical roles:

  • Software Engineer
  • Access Management
  • Infrastructure Support Analyst
  • Service Desk
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Cyber Security Engineer

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