We create opportunities for our people to achieve their full potential


To support our employees to achieve their potential, we provide access to the professional development they need to excel in their careers, offered through both internal and external programs. We know one of the best ways to learn is with an excellent teacher; QBE actively encourages mentoring in our teams as well as training and coaching to share information and promote learning from the experience of colleagues. Role-specific development pathways are also available to help our people reach their potential in their current role.


QBE is committed to developing long-term careers and we offer our employees tools and resources designed to help identify their goals and achieve the skills they need to reach them. We have a range of development opportunities, from training and coaching, and through role changes. We help our people explore new possibilities in their careers, so they can plan and take action. Individual goals are formalised through a Personal Development Plan for each employee, allowing you to set goals and increase your prospects for gaining qualifications and furthering your career.


Strong leadership is highly valued at QBE; we understand having outstanding leaders is critical to our success. QBE provides a platform of programs that empowers employees to become more effective leaders and change agents. Participants are challenged to bring out the best in themselves and others through a combination of education and experience that exposes our people to new ways of learning. 

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